Alexandra McDonald

Hello! My name is Alexandra. I would love the opportunity to work with you and your family! I�ve been the personal nanny for a military family for the past two years, making sure the daughter (who is now 3) had the opportunity to play and feel safe in her environment. Our days consisted of many adventures, going to balboa park and farmers markets. During my time with the family, they looked into foster care, and at the time, I also became registered under the state of California as a foster nanny. In the past 5 years I�ve also been my sister�s on and off baby sitter from the time her child was and infant to toddler. Taking care to be responsible for her needs as she grew up is one of my most cherished learning experiences. I, coming from a military family, understand the importance of responsibility of ones own actions as well as responsibility for others. Given the opportunity, I know I will be one of the most exciting and loving persons your kids might ever meet!

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