Deborah Karczewski

Hi! My name is Deborah! I am a great childcare provider for many reasons. One reason is because of having seven nieces and nephews whom I used to babysit for back home. Another reason is because I love doing it. I remember the people who cared for me when I was little whether it was in a nursery or a classroom. I remember the things I liked and disliked about them. I specifically remember liking those people who paid attention to me when I talked and were really interactive with me. I also remember some people who didn't do those things with me which made me feel a sense of not caring. Having those memories motivates me to be very attentive to kids/babies needs and wants which excites me to work with children of all ages. I have also seen and experienced many things working in a critical care environment which motivates me to treat everyone equal; this is because I never know what a family is or could be going through. I've taken care of the sickest of sickest children. I've taken care of some of the healthiest kids ever. Either way, I have high respect for whomever I am taking care of and will do the best of my ability to maintain positive experiences!

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