Dena Clough

Hello! My name is Dena Clough and I have had the blessing of being able to work with children since the 1990's. I've attended Mommy and Me classes, taken child development courses, and have homeschooled all my children. I've also had the opportunity to be a teacher, leader, and aide for Sunday School classes, GEMS, and AWANA. I have been a tutor for an educational group called Classical Conversations, as well as their Nursery Attendant. I spent six years teaching Preschool and Kindergarten with my homeschooling group, and I am just finishing another year of working with junior high and high school students on the school yearbook. I love working, playing, and being with children. I find them fun and interesting and love their curiosity and quest for knowledge. When faced with troubles that sometimes come up, I take the logical and fair approach mixed with my compassionate yet firm stance. I am conscious of the fact that each child is a parent's special gift, and I make sure to take good care of them while they are on my watch. I look forward to meeting you and your family and pray that I am a blessing to all of you.

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