Jeanie Wallace

Hi, my name is Jeanie! I believe my greatest asset as a caregiver is that I truly love kids and enjoy interacting with children of all ages. My experience being a full time mom to my own, and now being a grandmother to nine kids has taught me what not to do, and the kinds of things that work with different kids. In the past year, I have had the privilege of working at my church, providing child care for children of all ages from babies through 12 years old. I always put the safety and physical health of the child first, but after that, I am extremely concerned about the child's emotional and mental well-being. In my training to become a teacher, I learned the importance of giving and receiving encouragement, and the value of affirmation and building a child's self-esteem. I want the children I interact with to have fun, laugh often, and use their imagination and creativity. I also try to be sensitive to the particular needs of each child, and help them to express their concerns, and have their needs met, as much as possible. I have found that as I apply these principles with children, they will almost always respond in a very positive way, and it brings me a lot of joy when that happens.

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