Jen Picha

Hi, I'm Jen. I have always loved working with children . . . even when I was a child! I was always wanting to help, and I loved distracting the kids and getting them to have a good time. By the time I was 13, I had a booming babysitting business. (I still can't believe I started when I was 10, and I was in high demand in my neighborhood!) I kept at it until I went off to a four-year college when I was 20. During the next 8 years, I volunteered at my church in all ages of children's ministry, did a summer tutoring project, and watched my friend's children so they could have date nights. After five years in an office job, I wanted to go back to doing childcare full time. When my sister said she needed a nanny, I said, 'Why not me?' I moved to San Diego from the Central Coast and was a nanny for my nephew from eight weeks old to almost three years old. It was an amazing experience! When the need for a nanny ended (my sister had another child and chose to stay home), I started working for Sitterwise. The past five years with Sitterwise has been amazing! I feel privileged to watch your children and love making your time away enjoyable and worry-free. Feel free to ask me recommendations on things to do and tips for enjoying the amusement parks here in San Diego. (I am more than happy to accompany you to them if need be.)

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