Lili Feingold

Hello, my name is Lili! Having been a teacher for nearly twenty years, I enjoy the honesty and creativity of kids. Having been in junior theatre, and having now taught theatre for many years, I enjoy fostering creativity and imagination in children. I am an educated, well-traveled, confident teacher. I can handle toddler melt-downs AND I can handle teenagers and their "moods." I enjoy the opportunity to teach children about the world, about animals, about history, and about having good, old-fashioned fun! I like sitting on the floor with my students and playing games, those which challenge them and those that light them up. I enjoy meeting people from new places, and I am a friendly, non-threatening adult. I have been trained in the Love & Logic method which is effective and diffuses difficult situations. I was a Girl Scout for many years and support scouting for today's kids; I value the lessons I learnt as a Girl Scout and reinforce those ideas with my students (i,e, civic responsibility, taking care of the environment, personal responsibility, respect for elders, caring for others, etc.). I am familiar with the rules of Kashrut (kosher laws) and would effectively work with any of your clients who keep kosher and prefer a caregiver who understands the requirements. Lastly, I'm responsible, punctual and have a fun sense of humor. I welcome the opportunity to meet you.

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