Paulina White

Hello! My name is Paulina and I love getting to know new people and their children, dogs, cats, lizards, goats, plants, and x, y, and z! I have always been surrounded with the youth from a young age from being a part of organized church and community events, and being a leader for groups showed me I have what it takes to have a bond or bring connection to kids with each other or with myself as a social leader/example. Since then, I've been a leader for my university's freshmen orientation events, as well as being a Residential Assistant for the dorm, and I learned that I like being around those younger than myself to be a caring, reliable person. In the arts, I found that it is a valuable tool for life. Children love arts and crafts and using it as a form of expression, which brings joy to everyones hearts. I felt a passion in me to work with kids using art–or the simplest of forms of crayon or pencil to paper–to see a positive side to life. I look forward to meeting you and your family, and creating valuable memories together.

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