We're Here to Help

We want to remind all of our families that we're here to help!

We have a large staff of fully vetted, fun, engaging, HEALTHY caregivers who are ready to come to your home or office and care for your children whenever you need it. Many of our caregivers are credentialed teachers who can help with schoolwork and educational needs! 

We have in depth safety measures in place and screen our caregivers on a daily basis before they are sent to a family. If a caregiver is exhibiting even the slightest symptoms of a cold they will not be permitted to work. The safety of your children is our #1 concern. 

If you find yourself in need of help over the coming months, please reach out and book your request online. Whether you need help while you work, you need assistance with teaching/tutoring, or you just need a sanity break, we've got you covered!

  1.  Are you offering in-home services to families during COVID? Yes! Our caregivers can provide care and educational instruction at your home or place of work. 

  2. Can you help our child with schoolwork? Yes! Our caregivers can help with tutoring and can manage daily district led curriculum as needed. 

  3. Are you testing your staff for COVID? We do not require COVID testing for our staff, however we do have rigorous safety precautions in place. If a caregiver even has the slightest symptom of a cough or cold they will not be permitted to work. If they have tested positive for COVID or have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID they will be ineligible to work for a minimum of 14 days. If the family would prefer the caregiver to wear a mask during the entire job assignment that will not be a problem at all. Our caregivers have been advised to play outside when possible (weather permitting and with the parent's approval) and to wash hands frequently. The family will be able to talk to the caregiver ahead of time so they can discuss all of their expectations directly with the caregiver herself. 

  4. Are families expected to be tested for COVID? We don't require testing, but we are not offering sick care at this time. If the family is sick, we will not be able to offer care until 14 days have passed. 

  5. Do you have daytime availability? Yes! We offer 24 hour care. Our caregivers are available anytime you need them. 

  6. How much notice is required for a reservation? We ask for at least 24 hours notice, but we can often accommodate same-day requests. 

  7. What is the cost for services? Our rates range from $25-$30/hour with a 4 hour minimum. 

  8. What geographical areas in/around San Diego do you serve? We serve all of San Diego County (north, south, east, and everything in between) as well as Temecula. 

  9. How do I make a reservation? Click the "Book a Sitter" button below and we'll get you all squared away! 

COVID-19 cancellation policy: All reservations placed prior to 3/15/2020 are eligible for waived cancellation fees. Reservations placed after 3/15/2020 will be subject to standard cancellation fees.