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I wanted to let you know how impressed I and my client were with your services last month. As I’m sure you recall, the company I work with planned a wonderful event at the San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina for the night of Tuesday, April 25. They arranged for about 100 local military families to come join them at the hotel for a buffet dinner and interactive learning event. The people who partook in the event were spouses of military service men and women currently stationed overseas, and many brought their children along with them to this event.


We had arranged for a couple of meeting rooms to hold different age groups of children while their moms or dads were involved in their activities. We hired Marion’s Childcare to take care of the entertainment and babysitting needs. I have planned many such events for children just like this one, so was expecting the same routine as usual, with the same crafts, games, toys, videos, etc. I was thrilled to see that Marion’s is not your average event childcare company! Sure, you came with similar crafts, games, toys, etc, but the level of interaction between your caregivers and the children was amazing! These kids started the night out frightened of leaving their parent behind and going into a strange room, but when I checked on them throughout the night they were having the time of their lives with puppet shows, story time, team races with very imaginative, fun rules…you name it, they were entertained, cared for and having a ball — all without being propped in front of a video game! So, many thanks to you and your team, Amy, for taking such special care of our special guests. I do many programs in Orlando with lots more children – could you please open up an office there!? Thank you so much.



Operations Manager, TQ3 Navigant Performance Group


Dear Amy,


Playtime Pros was so beyond our expectations of childcare. I have been to at least 10 Edward Jones summer meetings, and I can honestly say your setup, loving and fun staff were the best across the nation.


I wanted to get in and do some of the fun projects you all created but the Hospitality Desk prevailed. The comments from the kids were all positive, and the parents were completely at ease at leaving their kids. That says a lot since we had several first-time moms.


Keep up all your joy and creativity and I’m sure we will meet again.



Travel Director, Maritz Travel


Amy & the Playtime Pros have been fantastic. They are extremely flexible and accommodating. When we needed to change the set-up time at the last minute, it was no problem.


Many of our participants showed up on this trip very skeptical about the sitters. They were worried because the trips they had been on in prior locations just offered babysitting. Their children were bored and unhappy when the parents came to pick them up. Playtime Pros supplies so many activities for the kids that some of them don’t want to leave.

Our participants have had nothing but great things to say about Playtime Pros. I hope we use them for all of our future programs in San Diego. They sure make our jobs a lot easier.



Maritz Travel Company


Dear Amy,


I wanted to take this time to thank you for the excellent service that you and your staff from Marion’s Childcare, Inc., and Playtime Pros provided for our clients and their children at our Mastermind event this past week. The parents I have spoken with were extremely satisfied with the services that your company provided. I have received nothing but great feedback from them.


Upon our first meeting with you, the professionalism and attention to detail that you have provided have been impeccable. I appreciate working with someone who takes pride in the work they do. I can tell that you put your name to all that you do. I has truly been a pleasure to work with Playtime Pros for our childcare needs at Mastermind this year. Quite different from what we’ve experienced in years past.


Buffini & Company is looking forward to taking a look at our childcare needs for Mastermind 2008 with Playtime Pros. We are a company that prides ourselves on building built-to-last relationships in business. We’re looking forward to meeting with you again next year to discuss our childcare needs and the opportunity to work with your company again.



Senior Meeting Planner


I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the Playtime Pros team who helped take care of Lauren. It was my first time leaving her in childcare. Fortunately, she adjusted well, but you ladies gave me confidence that she was being cared for! Thanks, again, you don’t know how much I valued the experience.




I had Angella watch my children on Saturday the 12th, and also your service was doing the childcare for the Nimitz Winter Ball, which we were attending. I just wanted to say that my kids had a wonderful time in the group care, and they absolutely loved Angella. They both asked to go back to the kids party and to see Miss Angella the next day So I just wanted to call and say that I really appreciate the work that you guys do and thank you so much for making sure that my kids had as good a time as we did.




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