Trustline registration is part of the investment new caregivers make in the Sitterwise earning opportunity.  Trustline certification looks great on a resume and is a one-time cost that will benefit caregivers for years to come.  Find out more about Trustline here.


New caregivers have seven days from date of interview to begin the Trustline Process.


Simple Instructions:


1.  Complete the Sitterwise Trustline Application.  (This SignNow form is specially prepared to walk you through the process easily, like our employment forms.)   *Be sure to print out the completed application.


2.  Take the printed application to a DOJ approved Livescan location, such as ASAP Live Scan Fingerprinting & Notary.  You will need to pay a combined fee of about $89 to the Livescan location ($25 for the prints and a $64 Department of Justice fee). 


3.  You will now need to mail the completed application, along with a check or money order for $43.00 payable to the California Department of Social Services.  (See "How to Apply" on page 2 of application.)


4.  That's it!  The total cost for Trustline is roughly $132 out of pocket.  When Sitterwise receives your Trustline certification in the mail, we will issue you two $28 commissions vouchers which can be used (one per month only, please) to defray your Trustline expense.  


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