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Caregiver Activity Bags

Caregiver Activity Bags –

Did you know that each of our wonderful caregivers brings a Caregiver Activity Bag for your children for every job they take?  We understand that it is hard for kids to remain occupied and entertained in a somewhat small space, and we like to help whenever we can.  This is precisely why we request the names and ages of each the children we care for.  We want our caregivers to be prepared with age appropriate toys and activities.  This means while you are out having a great time, we are making sure your kids are too!

This is from one of caregivers Donna K. and is a fantastic list of ideas to bulk up that activity bag.

Needing to beef up your bag of tricks? It’s holiday time and that’s one of the best times to find great games and other activities on sale!

  • The “Guess Who” game is one example of a tried & true favorite for kids 6 & up. ($15 @ Target or click on the Amazon link provided) Don’t forget to check the website for the Guess Who company. With a code included in the box, you can download several other character pages for extra variety! I’ve also seen some fun $1-$3 holiday items that will be marked down as the season continues on.  Wal-Mart has a Pop & Catch game. I got one Dec 26 & it’s been a big hit w/ older kids.  

  •  Wal-Mart also has the best bubble wands for $1-$2. They require no blowing & make BIG bubbles- perfect for toddlers/preschoolers! Their large bottle of bubble solution is very economical for refills. (I have a recipe to make my own, but I don’t.) Back-to-School sales this summer are great for craft supplies & then Black Friday & the Christmas season will be another great game stock-up time. Garage sales & Thrift Stores can be treasure troves as well. Bottom line: it’s all about the toys- make sure you are bringing quite a few to each & every job! Borrow stuff if you need to! =:)

Thank you, Donna.  Those are some helpful tips!

And hey, even if you aren’t staying in a hotel, you parents or childcare providers can still utilize some of these ideas for travel bags, or special activity bags for your toy closet.


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