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Legoland Miniland FUN!

Legoland MINILAND in San Diego is now open! This fun new addition to the Legoland theme park features miniature versions of some of the most iconic landmarks from around San Diego. Legoland is located in Carlsbad, California, and is a must-see for families with young children!

MINILAND San Diego features brick-sized creations of the Coronado Bay Bridge, Petco Park, and the San Diego Fair just to name a few. You'll be in awe as you walk through the downtown Skyline and recognize some of your favorite sights and structures. A team of 70 Master Model Builders used more than 5 million LEGO bricks to construct a realistic 30-foot beach, streets lined with 120 palm trees, and 55 San Diego landmarks for this super-cool miniature city!

One of the best things about Legoland MINILAND is that it is not just a visual experience. The park also has interactive elements, such as the ability to control the lights and sound in some of the miniature buildings and structures. Visitors can also take part in challenges and games, such as finding hidden objects or building their own mini structures. There's no minimum height requirement which means everyone in the family can join in the fun!

Legoland MINILAND San Diego is a unique and fun-filled attraction that is perfect for families with young children (or those who are young at heart, because most adults will love this just as much!). With its impressive attention to detail and interactive elements, it's no wonder that the park is so popular among locals and tourists alike. If you're looking for a fun day out with the family, Legoland MINILAND San Diego is definitely worth a visit.


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