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Meet Lucas the Spider

“Hi. My name’s Lucas. I have too many eyeballs.”

If you haven’t already, you need to meet Lucas The Spider.

“Cute” and “cuddly” aren’t the usual words used to describe the eight-legged creatures, but animator Joshua Slice, who has worked on movies like Zootopia, Ferdinand and Big Hero 6, introduces us to the cutest, most cuddly spider you’ll ever meet. Voiced by Slice’s five year old nephew named Lucas, millions have watched Lucas’ short 30-second adventures on YouTube, seeing what happens when he gets captured, plays in the sink, and proclaims he wants to grow up to be the world’s most musical spider.

“If you see me, please don’t squish me. I want to be your friend all day long,” he sings in the Musical Spider episode.

Even if you’re scared of spiders, you can’t help but love the fuzzy arachnid. In fact, Lucas has been such a hit, a production company is looking into how to make Lucas an even bigger star. Could we see Lucas The Spider crawling across the big screen one day?

Scurry on over to YouTube and meet Lucas the Spider.


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