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San Diego Doula Services

If you Google what a Doula is you get this answer:

 A doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth. Most often the term doula refers to the birth doula or labor support companion.

How Your Doula Will Work With You

Before childbirth, a birth doula will typically:

- Meet with you during your second or third trimester to get acquainted

- Teach you relaxation and breathing skills

- Answer your questions about the birthing process

- Help you understand labor and delivery procedures and possible complications

- Help you develop a birth plan

During labor, the doula will:

- Stay with you constantly to provide comfort and support

- Use massage and touch to help you relax and rest

- Help you get into comfortable positions

- Help you get adequate nutrition and fluids

- Help communicate your preferences to the medical staff

- Involve and reassure the dad-to-be

After delivery, a doula can:

- Provide support and encouragement to both you and dad after bringing your baby home

- Teach both of you how to care for your new baby

- Assist with breastfeeding education

- Support dad and other siblings and teach them how to help you

- Make sure you get plenty of rest, eat regularly, stay hydrated, and are comfortable

How Your Doula Works With Your Delivery Team

As needed during your labor and delivery, she will help you communicate with the medical team. A doula doesn't replace nursing or other medical staff. She doesn't examine you, take measurements, or do other clinical tasks.

Why You Might Want to Choose a Doula

- A doula can help you and the dad-to-be have a positive and safe birth experience.

- During labor, a doula can take over coaching now and then to give the dad a break.

- When desired, a doula can completely free the dad-to-be from coaching tasks -- and from having to remember the instructions from your childbirth classes. He can enjoy the process and focus on supporting you emotionally.

- Studies show that women who use a doula have shorter labors, are less likely to need a C-section, request less pain medication, and have a more positive childbirth experience.

- Moms who used doulas after birth may have more success with breastfeeding

My name is Ginger Lea and I offer unwavering support to laboring women and their families during such a transformative, yet vulnerable, time. Birth has always been amazing! It is my hope that all of my clients feel an inner PEACE on their birth-day.

I am passionate about helping my clients have the birth which they envision. I believe in you and your strength! You have the wondrous ability to give birth and I will be alongside you with my encouraging and calm demeanor, in-depth education, and years of experience to help you have the birth you desire. I consider it an honor to be on this journey with you. 

I  can help you with comforting measures, guide you through laboring techniques and birthing positions, help with relaxation, aid in natural pain management, and facilitate a safe and comfortable birth environment.

Ginger in “Gingerly.” It’s how you are served by me! 

Instagram @gingerlydoulacare

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Antonio Ricca
Antonio Ricca
Dec 12, 2023

I'm glad that such professional and educational support is provided. I try to do everything to get a good education and and become a good doctor. Now I'm studying at the university and I don't always have time to complete all the assignments in all subjects. But I'm glad I came here and learned about a useful service. Now I can complete any task quickly. And I even have free time.

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