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The Local's Guide to San Diego Donuts

Who doesn't love a good donut? You'd probably like a GREAT donut even more!

You know what you're going to get with the chain donut shops, but what about the local spots across San Diego County? Here’s a local’s guide to the best donuts in San Diego.


Donut Bar - What makes a donut better? Bacon, of course. The maple bacon donut is among the favorites at the Donut Bar, and where else can you get a french toast or unicorn donut? It's a bit pricey and you'll be waiting in line for a bit (Luckily the line moves quick!), but do we need to remind you about bacon, french toast and unicorn donuts?

631 B Street in San Diego

North County

VG Donut and Bakery - We don't just throw around the word "legendary," so when we say these donuts are legendary we're serious. We'd recommend the bear claws, sprinkle donuts and scones, but anything you get is going to be legendary. Did we mention it's legendary?

106 Aberdeen Drive in Cardiff

South County

Crispy's Donuts - Simple and tasty. The couple that runs Crispy's will greet you with a smile and send you on your way with well-priced tasty treats to start your day.

1471 E H Street in Chula Vista

East County

Mary's Donuts - The locals used to visit their old location down the street, which you could see for blocks because of the giant donut on top of the building. The address may have changed in the last few years, but the donut goodness hasn't. This is your straightforward donut shop - they just do it better than everyone else.

8959 Carlton Hills Blvd. in Santee


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