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Building Blocks — Dollar Spot @ Target

A Toy Review by Jackie L.

I regularly peruse the dollar spot at Target for inexpensive new toys, puzzles, activities I can use as a caregiver and I recently stumbled upon these builder blocks. Each bag comes with 32, but when I took these out at a recent job, they were such a huge hit I need to go back for more! Kids of all ages and genders enjoy using these blocks because they can build whatever they like at their own pace and it is not necessarily a “girl or boy toy.” One bag I bought looks similar to legos (but MUCH cheaper) and the other looks more like wheels but can combine in different ways. Kids love to work with their hands

and use their imaginations and these blocks are perfect to engage both. A couple of older kids I watched recently played with these blocks for over an hour creating several different contraptions, towers, robots, etc. It is fun to build along with the children you are watching as they have fun and you can too! The link to target includes some things similar to these blocks, but you’d have to head over to the dollar spot at Target to try to find these exact ones.


– Jackie L.

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