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Rubber Band Bracelets On-the-Go

After our Annual Caregiver Brunch last week, Jen P. stayed after and hung out with my kids a little bit.  She did twisty balloons for Steven and showed me how to make a rubber band bracelet using nothing but two pencils, rubber bands, and a C-clip or S-clip.  

When Lissa (the owner of an under-used Rainbow Loom) came home, we showed her this method, and she’s been making bracelets ever since!

I found a great tutorial online.  This is a perfect activity for hotel childcare, since it requires just a few inexpensive supplies and is fun for a wide range of ages.

In a nutshell:

1.  Put a rubber band in a figure-8 formation over the two pencils.

2.  Put two more rubber bands (no figure-8) over the two pencils.

3.  Take the bottom band and pull it over the top of the pencil.  Then do the other side the same way.

4.  Add another band.

5.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the bracelet is the length you desire.

6.  Attach S-Clip or C-Clip and finish off the bracelet.

WARNING:  DO NOT use your fingers instead of pencils.  This can cause a dangerous restriction in blood supply to the digits!


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