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“Chenille Sticks” | San Diego Babysitters

I call them pipe cleaners, but I hear that, these days, it is more politically correct to refer to them as chenille sticks.

I actually discovered the appeal of pipe cleaners when another caregiver brought them to the event at His Life Church. The children used the pipe cleaners in a wide variety of ways, so they were appropriate for a great age span when we weren’t sure just what ages we would be serving.

– Some strung beads on them and made jewelry. – Some shaped glasses. – Some shaped spiders.

Later, we took blocks and made a “zoo” for all the spiders. The children engaged in imaginative play for at least an hour with their home-made spiders.

A very inexpensive item (a few bucks) and can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Office Depot, Michaels, etc.

It is fun to see children’s imaginations come to life and their creativity be expressed with such a simple, colorful craft idea. If you want a more structured craft plan, search Pinterest for “pipe cleaners” to find dozens of ideas using chenille sticks and just a few additional items such as google eyes. A pack of pipe cleaners goes a long way!

Thanks to the lady who introduced me to the idea! Click here to learn how to make pipe cleaner bunnies.

- Colleen C.

Buy some here!


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