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Let McLandia Take You Beyond the Zoo

Even for San Diego locals, our area can be overwhelming! So many things to see, so many places to go, and how can we ever fit it into a weekend trip or a three-day "staycation"? It's easy to get so distracted by the possibilities that we end up making no plans at all and winging it, or (worse) just staying home.

McLandia to the rescue!

Husband and wife team Kristen and Adam McLane were new to the area a few years ago when they realized the need for a quick, easy guide to conquering San Diego. (Read their story here.)'s "Beyond the Zoo" guides are published monthly and tackle one area of San Diego at a time. Efficiently planned with actual parking, walking, and sight-seeing times in mind, the guides provide everything you need for a fun and memorable day trip.

For growing families, experiences are gold. Whether you live here in San Diego or you're coming on vacation, McLandia can help you make the most of your family time.

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