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Make Your Own Activities | San Diego Hotel Babysitting

From Donna K, our resident toys-and-games expert, who recently went digging on for some fun new ideas!

Though I have plenty of toys for all ages, I sometimes like to have something new to keep it fun for me, too!   Pinterest is a great resource for ideas!  I recently made some new things by looking up “activities for one year olds,” since several of my consistent clients have children in that range. Some of the items I already had on hand, and the rest I purchased at the 99 cents store. Here is one of the best sites I found, with lots of great ideas:

I did the “soapy jars” (I made two using water bottles) and “squishy gel bags.”   I put glow-in-the-dark stars & glitter in one and glow-in-the-dark butterflies & glitter in the other.  (The activities are shown here:

I also used a clean, empty plastic juice bottle and put in wooden clothespins, popsicle sticks, and

plastic measuring spoons for a dump and fill game. (This has been the most popular activity, so far.) Older children could make a game out of standing over the bottle and trying to drop the items into the top of the jug or jar. Or start with the clothes pins attached to the top of a jar and have them pinch the clothespins off before dropping them in the jar.  Great fine motor practice!

In an empty plastic peanut butter jar, I added about 20 pieces of ribbon of various colors and sizes/lengths. It’s another dump and fill, plus fine motor activity.

There are so many inexpensive ideas on Pinterest, and great craft ideas too! I’m off to find some activities for 6-9 month olds for a new client starting next month!

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